Slippers Pusheen Mermaid 3D Multicoloured Women's qOzOF7

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  • Looking for another way to keep your Raspberry Pi cool? Hook up this 5V Mini Cooling Fan and prevent your hard-working Pi from overheating! Of course, it's also great for use with any small computer or FPGA or motor driver or anything that needs cooling.

    Plug the fan directly into your Raspberry Pi's 5V+GND GPIO power pins, as shown, for instant cooling! Place in your case, or even better, on top of your Pi's CPU to give it extra air-flow.

    3D Mermaid Multicoloured Pusheen Women's Slippers Compatible with any and all Raspberry Pi computers but only the Pi 3 runs hot enough to benefit from any cooling, when doing intense computations.

    Note that you do not need a fan for your Pi, as it will automatically adjust its speed to avoid overheating, this is just for people who want to run it at top speed for a long time.

    Multicoloured Mermaid Pusheen 3D Women's Slippers


  • Specifications:

    • Operating voltage: 5V
    • Current: 0.2 A
    • Brushless DC fan
    • Fan dimensions: 30mm x 30mm x 8mm
    • Wire length: 3.25" / 80mm
    • Fan weight: 6.2g / 0.22oz
    • Mounting screws & nuts included
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Slippers Pusheen Mermaid 3D Multicoloured Women's qOzOF7