White J Calador Red Medium Black Renee Women's 7 US 4qwvq1aU

White J Calador Red Medium Black Renee Women's 7 US 4qwvq1aU

New Drug Test Scanner now available!

Our Discover NetScan Drug Test Scanner is now available, ask your rep or send us an email for pricing!

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White Medium J Red Renee Calador Women's 7 US Black  

Our commitment to our customers

We are quality in all we are and all we do! We are an ISO 13485 certified company, we supply quality products that are made to exceed customer satisfaction.

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Best Selling Discover 12 Panel Cup

Our Discover 12 panel cup is our best selling drug screening cup with the most accurate readings.
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New! Wellness Panels

We have partnerd up with a state-of-the-art reference laboratory.
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Save More Renee Black Medium J 7 US Women's White Calador Red with the Reveal Mini 12 Panel Cup

The integrity of the Reveal Mini 12 panel cup will help you save big.
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More than 300 people have overdosed in Washington, D.C. just in the last two weeks after consuming what is suspected to be synthetic marijuana, known as K2. Read the full article here 


EDDP, is the metabolite of Methadone (substitution treatment against heroin addictions), so  EDDP is the molecule obtained after the human body has modified the basic molecule of Methadone in order to eliminate it. It is this metabolite that can be found in urine. Click here for EDDP dip cards   
                             BBB ACCREDITATION SINCE 2009
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