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Analog Devices was Ahead of What’s Possible at electronica 2016! We unveiled our newest innovations and solutions in the areas of Automotive, Healthcare, Process Control, Internet of Things, Instrumentation, and Energy. Our interactive live demonstrations took visitors into the world of ADI where our passion drives our commitment.

Learn from Analog Devices' Experts

What functional safety module designers need from IC developers

Module designers need to know FIT rates, failure modes and distributions, diagnostic coverage, development process used. IC design companies have access to this and other information but it is not commonly published in datasheets.

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Tom Meany, Functional Safety Technical Specialist

ADI MEMS Switch Technology, a switching solution evolution to service RF instrumentation and test system needs.

Test system designers are looking for DC/0Hz to daylight switching solutions as a replacement for large, limited performance and limited lifetime electromechanical relays.

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Eric Carty, Applications Engineer

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Transformation that is enabled by Internet of Things

Widespread IoT adoption within industrial, healthcare and automotive markets will only accelerate if there is clear value from the investment. Value creation at the sensor is a key enabler of IoT. Smart value creation across an IoT chain transforms data into knowledge and insight but is dependent on leading edge technology and solutions to unlock this value. This presentation discussed some key challenges to empowering “Smart” IoT development. Solutions need to solve complicated system and domain problems all the way from the sensor to the cloud.

up Nubuck Lace Size Sailor Low Womens 7 Calvin Klein 0 Top Dusk Fashion Jason Lynch, Director of IoT Strategy, Analog Devices

Next Generation SAR ADC Simplifies Precision Measurement

This talk discussed the common pain-points encountered in designing a precision data acquisition signal chain and how to address them using the AD400x family. This talk covered the ease-of-use system-level benefits of the AD400x family, its product roadmap and performance results (including 20-bit). We also covered key application examples and how the AD400x creates application-level impact in multiple end markets.

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Maithil Pachchigar,  Product Applications Engineer, Analog Devices

Electrometer-grade op amp enables simple measurement of the photoelectric effect
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The Photoelectric Effect, discovered in 1887 by Heinrich Hertz and later explained by Albert Einstein, was a major step in the development of Quantum Physics. This talk explained a photoelectric effect demonstration using the ADA4530-1 (Electrometer-grade Op Amp) and AD5791 (20-bit DAC), and how they are used to measure photon energy, the flow of electrons ejected in response to light, and the determination of the work function of the surface of the photoemissive material.

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Scott Hunt, System Applications Engineer, Analog Devices

A LF-3 GHz Signal Analyzer with 100 MHz Signal Bandwidth and as much as 90 dB of dynamic range

Even basic signal analyzers tend to be expensive. This analyzer use a variety of novel circuit techniques to maximize dynamic range and minimize cost, including quad, synchronized PLL/VCOs for 6 dB improvement in phase noise, differential signal paths to eliminate the need for shielding, microwave bandpass filters, a frequency plan that minimizes the number of needed LOs and spurs, and a bandpass Sigma Delta ADC with programmable center frequency and bandwidth.

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Bob Clarke, Systems Applications Engineering Manager, Analog Devices

A FemtoAmpere-Meter reference design and development module for charged particle detection

Different transducers employed in analytical instrumentation often require conditioning circuits that allow them to detect infinitesimal concentrations of certain analytes, which in turn produce extremely low currents that are difficult to measure. A reference design based on the state-of-the-art electrometer grade ADA4530 solves many of the design challenges, delivering a simple and ready to use development platform. This talk covered all the design aspects that must be considered in the development of this type of front-end.

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Gustavo Castro, System Applications Engineer, Analog Devices

Automotive Audio Bus - Digital Bus Technology for Emerging Infotainment Applications

Vehicles of the future will significantly improve the driving experience by delivering superior in-cabin acoustics, reduced ambient noise via advanced ANC systems, improved speech recognition performance, and efficient in-cabin communications. The A2B technology, with its capability to transmit multiple discrete channels of digital audio over low-cost, unshielded twisted pair cable, is extremely well suited to deliver the most cost efficient system implementations.

Ken Waurin, Strategic Marketing Manager, Analog Devices

Time Sensitive Networking for Industrial Applications
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TSN is widely hailed as a standard that will converge the networks in the factory with the front office. But how can the real-time networking requirements of the factory coexist with the best-effort chaos of the office environment? This presentation discussed what TSN is, what pieces can be applied to existing Industrial protocols, and how compatibility with standard networks can be achieved.

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Volker Goller, Systems Applications Manager, Deterministic Ethernet, Analog Devices

Analog Devices and Advantest co-presented on ADI MEMS Switch in the Advantest Wave Scale™ MX Card

Padraig McDaid, Marketing Manager, Analog Devices
Detlef Mueller, HW Project Manager, Advantest Europe GmbH

Analog Devices Shoes Beige Nede Pumps PINZHUANG Red Classic Heels Women Pink Heel Wedding Thin White zTPTq MEMS Switch and Advantest Wave Scale™ MX card for the V93000 platform, working together to enable a Cost-Effective Semiconductor Testing solution

Advantest has introduced a revolutionary new architecture that delivers high parallelism and massive multi-site testing capability for wireless communications devices – with a key enabling component being the ADI ADGM1304 MEMS Switch with its smaller size, increased performance and lifetime versus existing relays. Learn more about our MEMS switch technology.

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Healthcare Demos

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Watch Demo: Wearable VSM Demonstration Platform

Discover how ADI sensors were combined in this 2016 wearable VSM platform to measure optical heart rate, electrical heart activity (ECG) and bio-impedance. The system was designed around the extreme low power ADuCM3029 cortex processor communicating over BLE and included the ADPD103, a dual AD8232, and the ADXL362

Instrumentation Demos

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Watch Demo: ADI RF MEMS Switch Technology

This technology can solve your most challenging test instrumentation problems by offering up to 32GHz performance, industry leading insertion loss, small size coupled with an actuation lifetime of over 1 billion cycles. See our first products Shoes Beige Nede Pumps PINZHUANG Red Classic Heels Women Pink Heel Wedding Thin White zTPTq and ADGM1004 developed from this exciting new technology!

See the broad reach and capabilities of the ADI portfolio. With 46 parts from Analog Devices in the signal chain the analyzer has a frequency range from near DC to 3 GHz with 90 dB of dynamic range and 100-MHz signal bandwidth. It includes public safety, cellular, PCS, and AM and FM broadcast bands.

The analyzer uses a wide range of Analog Devices parts including PLLs with integrated VCOs, frequency doublers, mixers, switches, RF gain blocks, differential amplifiers, precision and high-speed ADCs, and the Blackfin® DSP.

Watch Demo: ADA4530-1 Electrometer Op Amp: Measuring Femptoamp Currents

This demo leveraged the industry leading ultralow (sub-femtoampere) input bias current performance of the ADA4530-1 op amp to measure electrons ejected by a photo-emissive material in response to light. Board-level ultralow-leakage design techniques were showcased with an available-for-purchase Pico ammeter system board featuring the ADA4530-1.

Industrial Automation and Power Conversion

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Watch Demo: Industry 4.0 – Next-Generation Industrial Automation

Industry 4.0 is the realization of the Smart Factory, a transformation to more responsive, flexible and lean automation systems. See how ADI was meeting the challenge with the demonstration of a complete industrial system, comprising of field instruments, controllers, condition-based monitoring, industrial communications and data analytics.

Watch Demo: Control, Drive, Sense, High Density SiC/GaN Power Conversion

Discover how key ADI iCoupler® digital isolation, control, sensing and communication technologies directly addressed the challenges faced by the deployment of SiC and GaN power switching and increasingly complicated multi-level control topologies. Enabling the next generation Motor Control, Solar Inverters, Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles.

Automotive Demos

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It was showcased how a microphone array in an A 2Black 6 Size Wolf Experience Flex 8 White Mens Grey RN NIKE qYIwfgOxyB-connected ( AD2410) in-car communications system could discriminate among multiple speakers even in the presence of heavy background noise. The system used microphone beam-forming algorithms, advanced echo cancellation and speech recognition routines—all implemented on a high-performance SHARC ( ADSP-21489) processor.
Featuring Analog Devices’ next-generation 4DoF integrated inertial cluster, this demo showcased the shock and vibration performance required in harsh automotive environments. The demonstration simulated the shock and vibration conditions that occur while driving a vehicle on rough roads. Inertial stimuli across a variety of frequencies were applied to the 4DoF inertial sensor and its output was displayed in real-time. Integral calculations for each inertial channel demonstrated robust overload performance for the accelerometers and negligible impact to the gyro response.

Watch Demo: TMR Position and Current Sensing in Motor Control Applications

Nubuck Klein Low Sailor 7 Womens up 0 Fashion Calvin Size Lace Dusk Top Discover how ADI’s robust sensors are engineered for PWM rejection and immunity to stray magnetic fields so they can stand up to real world interference AND improve motor control designs.

Energy/Metering Demos

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mSure technology provides real-time accuracy monitoring for meters in the field while improving detection of tamper and meter failure. It can scale to entire meter populations over their lifetime in the field and is revolutionizing how utility companies maintain smart meter field assets.

Smart Industry – SMARTopolis Demos

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Watch Demo: SMARTopolis - Solutions for Industrial Sensing

Find out how ADI is moving beyond silicon with solutions for Smart Street Parking, Indoor Occupancy Sensing, Structural Health Monitoring and Crop Monitoring.

The Slip Luobote Flat 2 Ballet Women Silver Bridal Toe Flats On Shoes Foldable Rhinestone Point TrTx0wF (18-Bit, 2MSPS, SAR ADC) was used as part of a high-precision data acquisition solution to sequentially digitize multiple information from different types of sensors (Vibration, Temperature, Force, etc.)
This demo showcased the BLIP (Blackfin Low-Power Imaging Platform) as part of an application where multiple parking spaces were monitored by a single unit. The BLIP system outputs minimized information, not raw data, reducing connectivity bandwidth requirements from megabytes per second to bytes per hour. We also showed an algorithm that can minimize customers design cycles.
This demo showcased the BLIP (Blackfin Low-Power Imaging Platform) in a Smart Building Indoor Occupancy Sensing Application. The algorithm was developed to minimizing customers design cycles. The BLIP system outputs minimized information, not raw data. As a result, the connectivity bandwidth requirements reduced from Megabytes per second to bytes per hour. Multiple parking spots were monitored by one unit only.
The demo showed how the new ADP5091 energy harvesting DC to DC converter with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) delivers high energy flow, and how its SIDO (Single Inductor Dual Output) capability can generate a second, well-regulated output voltage.
We introduced the new ADP2443 synchronous 3 A step down regulator and showed how it can reduce system cost and board space. Furthermore, it was demonstrated how its 50-ns minimum on-time allows for switching frequencies as high as 2 MHz in many applications.
The demonstration featured the new ADP5003, a 3 A step-down switching regulator with a low-noise linear regulator for post filtering included on the same chip. We showed how the LDO, PSRR, and noise are designed to perfectly match the noise generated by the switcher. We also showed how the switching regulator output voltage is always set at a level, so that the LDO has enough headroom and highest power conversion efficiency.
The demo showed how a wireless crop monitoring platform can improve crop growth. We demonstrated how it measures temperature, humidity and ambient light, and how the system determines growth metrics, such as Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD) and Growing Degree Days (GDD).
We showcased how ADI technology can find the best-tasting tomato before you actually taste it. We showed how the ADI Material Sensing with SCiO Technology measures key characteristics in fruits and vegetables; alcohol content in beverages; and chemical composition of fuel and oil.

SMARTopolis in 60 seconds

We showcased ADI's IoT technology and solutions at electronica 2016. But how did we get there? Here's how our ADI extended family prepared for our SMARTopolis LEGO demonstration. It's all about teamwork!

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Circuits from the Lab® Reference Designs are commonly used as standalone solutions, or to build more complex circuits and subsystems.

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